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  Japan Akuma no Shoutaijou 悪魔の招待状 Kemco KSC-UV HVC-TKROM-01 bootgod 2010-07-23 1
  USA Déjà Vu Kemco NES-DG-USA NES-TKROM-01 bootgod 2006-03-23 3
  Sweden Déjà Vu Kemco NES-DG-SWE NES-TKROM-10 Kinopio 2007-07-07 2
  Japan Deja Vu: Akumu wa Hotouni Yatte Raita ディジャブ 悪魔は本当にやって来た Kemco KSC-DG HVC-TKROM-01 bootgod 2007-11-13 1
  USA Shadowgate Kemco NES-3S-USA NES-TKROM-01 bootgod 2005-12-18 3
  Sweden Shadowgate Kemco NES-3S-SWE NES-TKROM-02 Kinopio 2007-07-07 5
  Germany Shadowgate Kemco NES-3S-NOE NES-TKROM-10 piteta 2007-08-04 1
  France Shadowgate Kemco NES-3S-FRA NES-TKROM-02 Kinopio 2007-11-05 1
  Netherlands Shadowgate Kemco NES-3S-HOL NES-TKROM-02 Kinopio 2011-06-11 1
  Japan Shadowgate シャドウゲイト Kemco KSC-3S HVC-TKROM-01 bootgod 2012-05-07 1
  USA Uninvited Kemco NES-UV-USA NES-TKROM-02 bootgod 2006-10-13 1