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Expand all R Game Title  Ascending Publisher Catalog ID PCB Name Submitter Submitted C x !
  Spain Adan y Eva Adam & Eve Gluk Video CN-12 N715062 piteta 2008-03-23 1
  Spain Booky Man Gluk Video CN-08 N715062 piteta 2008-03-23 2
  Spain Corre Benny Go! Benny! Gluk Video CN-14 N715062 piteta 2008-03-23 3
  Spain Cosmos Cop Gluk Video CN-09 N715061 piteta 2008-03-23 2
  Spain El Destructor Destroyer Gluk Video CN-13 N715062 piteta 2008-03-23 1
  Spain El Monstruo de los Globos Balloon Monster Gluk Video CN-05 N715061 piteta 2008-03-23 1
  Spain Gluk The Thunder Warrior Gluk Video VJ-001 PN\01-22018-400 piteta 2010-11-30 1
  Spain La Guerra Del Golfo War In The Gulf Gluk Video CN-07 H2527 piteta 2010-10-29 2
  Spain Skate Boy Gluk Video CN-18 N715061 piteta 2008-03-23 2
  Spain Volley Ball Gluk Video MGC-010 01-22000-400 piteta 2010-05-24 1