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  United Kingdom Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (Prototype) Ocean NES-FM-UKV NES-SLROM-06 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  USA Adventures of Dr. Franken, The (Prototype) Elite UNR-D7-USA NES-UNEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-15 1
  USA Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher (Prototype) Jaleco UNR-14-USA NES-SKEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-15 1
  USA California Raisins, The: The Grape Escape (Prototype) Capcom UNR-X7-USA NES-UN-ROM-04 TheRedEye 2012-04-15 1
  United Kingdom Castelian (Prototype) Storm NES-4C-UKV NES-UNEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-24 2
  USA Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Disney's (Prototype) Capcom NES-DV-USA NES-SKEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  USA Final Fantasy II (Prototype) Square UNR-FY-USA NES-SNWEPROM TheRedEye 2012-08-28 1
  Europe HeroQuest (Prototype) Gremlin UNR-H5-UKV NES-UNEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-17 1
  USA Hit the Ice (Prototype) Taito UNR-93-USA NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-15 1
  USA Kirby's Adventure (Prototype) Nintendo NES-KR-USA NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-24 1
  United Kingdom Mr. Gimmick (Prototype) Sunsoft NES-G8-UKV NES-BTR TheRedEye 2012-04-24 2
  USA Noah's Ark (Prototype) Konami NES-NH-USA NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-17 3
  USA NTF2 System Cartridge Nintendo NTC-NTF2-SYS HVC-SIROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-24 1
  United Kingdom Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands II (Prototype) Ocean NES-P6-UKV NES-SLROM-06 TheRedEye 2012-04-17 1
  Japan Pescatore (Prototype) Sunsoft UNR-PS-JPN HVC-UNEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  United Kingdom Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Prototype) Ocean NES-64-UKV NES-SLROM-06 TheRedEye 2012-04-24 3
  Spain Rodland (Prototype) Storm NES-R8-ESP NES-UNEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  USA Secret Ties (Prototype) Vic Tokai UNR-S4-USA HVC-TLROM-04 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  USA Squashed (Prototype) Jaleco NES-JS-USA NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  USA Star Wars (Prototype) JVC NES-7V-USA NES-TKEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  Europe Sunman (Prototype) Sunsoft UNR-S6-EEC NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-22 1
  USA Taro's Quest (Prototype) Jaleco UNR-5Q-USA NES-SKEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-23 1
  USA Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends (Prototype) THQ UNR-65-USA NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-23 1
  USA Wario's Woods (Prototype) Nintendo NES-WB-USA NES-TKEPROM-02 TheRedEye 2012-04-24 1
  USA Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (Prototype) Konami NES-9K-USA NES-TKEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-23 1