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Database Client Software 2.0 Manual
» Configuring the program   (Menu::Settings::Configure)

Settings Dialog
Default Save Settings
Default Folder: After the cart has been dumped, this is the default location it will prompt you to save in.
Default Format: This is the ROM storage format it will default to.
Save WRAM: If checked, battery-backed WRAM will be saved with a matching file name and .sav extension.
CopyNES Settings
System Type: Select the CopyNES system you are using or set it to none if you do not have one.
Parallel Port: Set this to the port address (in hex) that CopyNES is connected to. Not needed for USB version.
Plugin Path: Set this to the folder where your CopyNES plugins are stored. Downloaded plugins will also be saved here.
Disable Plugin Downloads: This will disable the feature of automatically downloading new or updated plugins.
PCB Scans
Base Path: The base folder of your PCB scans. A file index will be created for images in and below this folder level.
Filename Match Pattern: If you'd like scans to be automatically loaded, they must be named according to a convention which you can define here.
Auto Upload on Submit: If checked, the scan used during the dumping process will be uploaded after the profile has been submitted.
Remember Files Used: If checked, each scan you use while dumping will be remembered so that it isn't auto-loaded in the future.
Misc. Settings
Emulator Path: If you would like to be able to run ROMs from within the program, set this to the path of the emulator's executable.
Temp Files: Folder to store temporary files (some persistent). If blank, program will use the system default temp folder.
Database Auto-Logon: If checked, once you've entered your username and password, you will not be prompted for it again.

You must select your CopyNES type before adding a profile!

The setup of the profile wizard is dependent on this setting in the following ways:

How to setup auto PCB scan loading

If you name your scans according to some convention, you can save your self the step of manually choosing a file during the process.

First you need to setup the base folder so it knows where to look.

Next you define your particular convention using the filename pattern string to match the prefix of the filename. A few variables are available which allow the program to find the correct scan depending on the game being dumped.

The %TITLE variable has limited usefulness, as your filename would have to contain the exact same string that the database uses for the title.

For example, let's say you set your pattern to "PCB_front_%ID". This will match any file in the your folder structure that begins with "PCB_front_ + the game ID". The files below would all turn up a match when dumping Super Mario Bros. 3.

If multiple matching files are found, they will all be readily accessible when needed. Ideally you would name your files so that only dupe carts from the same region would be found. If you use the "Remember Used Files" feature, it will log scans you used in the past so that they won't show up as a match in the future.

The first time you connect to the DB, you will be prompted for your username and password. This is the user/pass you select when you register on the site.

Logging on

If you check the 'Auto' box, you will not be prompted for this information again.

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