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Database Client Software 2.0 Manual
» Testing CopyNES Communication   (Menu::CopyNES::Test Connection)
CopyNES Test Successful

Before you run the test...

If your using a USB CopyNES, you must install the USB chipset drivers first!

You can get the appropriate drivers at the FTDI website

The parallel port version doesn't need any special drivers, just the file inpout32.dll

Once you have finished setting up, you should test the communication between the computer and CopyNES. Make sure your cable is connected and that your CopyNES is turned on (it doesn't need to have a cart inserted). Then hit the Test button and hopefully you will see something like the image shown.

From the CopyNES menu, you can also switch between "Play" and "Copy" modes via "Play Cart" and "Stop Cart" respectively.

You can also test the system further by dumping the BIOS and checking its contents to ensure it was read correctly. Also you can enter an address and a data byte (both in hex) and try reading and writing to see if they cause the expected results.


The parallel port version is notoriously difficult to get working, especially on more recent computers. If your PC doesn't have an LPT port at all, you would need to buy a PCI add-on card. A parallel-to-USB adapter will not work!

Even if you do have a parallel port available on your motherboard, there is still no guarauntee that it will work! You will likely have to try multiple LPT settings in your PC's BIOS setup.

There are usually a few modes availalbe in BIOS to try out. Technically they should all work, but apparently some vendors have a shoddy implementation.

While you are in here, also check to make sure the port address is the same as the one specified in program settings.

Even the cable itself can cause issues.

The USB version on the other hand is much easier to use. As long as the drivers are installed correctly and the program is able to find the ftd2xx.dll, you should have no problems at all.

That said, if you're thinking of purchasing a CopyNES, I would recommend the USB version hands down. You can buy the kit at RetroUSB

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