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Journey to Silius
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Europe (EEC): Journey to Silius 1|2|3
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» Submitted by: Kinopio   Time: 2007-06-11 02:07:00
Catalog ID NES-4S-EEC
Region Europe Europe (PAL-B)
Class Licensed
Release Date February 21, 1991
Publisher Sunsoft
Developer Sunsoft
Players 1
Peripherals NES Controller
Cart Properties
Cart Producer
Color Grey
Form Factor 3-Screw
Embossed Text Nintendo® Pat. Pend. Made in Japan
Front Label ID NES-4S-EEC
Seal of Quality PAL: Round (Original)
MfgString Present Yes
Back Label ID / Desc SCN
2-digit Code 19
ROM Details
Type Label Size CRC32 x !
PRG0 PAL-4S-0 PRG   128 KB E1DD10DA 3
CHR0 PAL-4S-0 CHR   128 KB 57C78382 3
ROMs Combined: 256 KB AB671224 3
PCB Producer
Manufacturer Not Specified
Mfg Range 9037 - 9045 (3)
Est First Run September 1990
iNES Mapper 1
Mirroring Mapper Ctrl
Battery present No
CIC Type 3195A
Hardware MMC1B2
Detailed Chip Info
Designation Maker Part # Type Package DateCode   Std Misc
U1 PRG Ricoh RP231026D 5489 Mask ROM 128 KB (250 ns) DIP-28 0KM 72  »  9042
U2 CHR Ricoh RP231039D 0095 Mask ROM 128 KB (250 ns) DIP-32 0LD 73  »  9045
U3 CIC Sharp 3195A Nintendo CIC DIP-16 9044 A  »  9044
U4 MMC1 Sharp MMC1B2 Nintendo MMC1 DIP-24 9044 5 TA  »  9044

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