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Oeka Kids: Anpanman to Oekaki Shiyou!!
おえかキッズ アンパンマンとおえかきしよう!!
» Submitted by: bootgod   Time: 2010-07-23 04:36:00
Catalog ID BA-OEKA1
Region Japan Japan (NTSC)
Class Licensed » 3rd-Party
Release Date October 25, 1990
Publisher Bandai
Developer TOSE Software
Players 1
Peripherals Oeka Kids Tablet
Cart Properties
Cart Producer
Color Red
Form Factor Small
Embossed Text Bandai 19xx Made in Japan
ROM Details
Type Label Size CRC32 x !
PRG0 BANDAI'90 OEKAKIDS-1   128 KB 9D048EA4 1
PCB Producer
Manufacturer Not Specified
Mfg Range 9035
Est First Run September 1990
PCB Class BANDAI-74*161/02/74
iNES Mapper 96
Mirroring Mapper Ctrl
Battery present No
CIC Type None
Hardware 74xx02, 74xx161, 74xx74
Detailed Chip Info
Designation Maker Part # Type Package DateCode   Std Misc
U1 PRG Sharp LH2310 Mask ROM 128 KB DIP-28 9034 E  »  9034
U2 VRAM NEC D43256AC SRAM 32 KB (150 ns) DIP-28 9012AU017  »  9012
U3 HC161 Motorola MC74HC161N 74-161 Series DIP-16 JJAT9011A  »  9011
U4 HC02 Hitachi HD74HC02P 74-02 Series DIP-14 0H25  »  9033
U5 HC74 Hitachi HD74HC74P 74-74 Series DIP-14 0H45  »  9035