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War In The Gulf
» Submitted by: bootgod   Time: 2010-11-04 03:31:00
Catalog ID C7-1135
Region Brazil Brazil (NTSC)
Class Unlicensed
Release Date 1991
Publisher CCE
Developer MegaSoft
Players 1
Peripherals NES Controller
Cart Properties
Cart Producer
Color Blue
ROM Details
Type Label Size CRC32 x !
PRG0 ND961-P   128 KB A586AD54 2
CHR0 ND962-C   128 KB 3AC3BDDD 2
ROMs Combined: 256 KB 638DBC52 2
PCB Producer
Manufacturer Not Specified
Mfg Range 9132
Est First Run August 1991
PCB Class NTDEC-TC-112
iNES Mapper 193
Mirroring Vertical
Battery present No
CIC Type None
Hardware 74xx00, TC-112
Detailed Chip Info
Designation Maker Part # Type Package DateCode   Std Misc
U1 PRG __Unknown 231002 Mask ROM 128 KB DIP-28  » 
U2 CHR __Unknown 231002 Mask ROM 128 KB DIP-28  » 
U4 TC-112 __Unknown TC-112 NTDEC TC-112 DIP-40  » 
U5 LS00 Hitachi HD74LS00P 74-00 Series DIP-14 1H16  »  9132