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High Speed
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» Submitted by: Kinopio   Time: 2011-06-19 22:49:00
Catalog ID NES-8H-FRG
Region Germany Germany (PAL-B)
Class Licensed
Release Date April 28, 1994
Publisher Tradewest
Developer Rare
Players 4
Peripherals NES Controller
Cart Properties
Cart Producer
Color Grey
Form Factor 3-Screw
Embossed Text Nintendo® Pat. Pend. Made in Japan
Front Label ID NES-8H-FRG
Seal of Quality PAL: Round (Original)
MfgString Present Yes
Back Label ID / Desc DAS
2-digit Code 01
ROM Details
Type Label Size CRC32 x !
PRG0 PAL-8H-0 PRG   128 KB 3E8DED4E 2
CHR0 NES-8H-0 CHR   64 KB 028F3D82 3
ROMs Combined: 192 KB 1C212E9D 2
PCB Producer
Manufacturer Not Specified
Mfg Range 9239
Est First Run September 1992
iNES Mapper 119
Mirroring Mapper Ctrl
Battery present No
CIC Type 3195A
Hardware 74xx32, MMC3C
Detailed Chip Info
Designation Maker Part # Type Package DateCode   Std Misc
U1 PRG Sharp LH231GA4 Mask ROM 128 KB DIP-28 9239 E  »  9239
U2 CHR Sharp LH231259 Mask ROM 64 KB DIP-28 9239 B  »  9239
U3 CIC Sharp 3195A Nintendo CIC DIP-16 9237 A  »  9237
U4 MMC3 Sharp MMC3C Nintendo MMC3 TQFP-44 9214 5 T  »  9214
U5 CHR RAM NEC 64S20 SRAM 8 KB (200 ns) DIP-28 9228EJ  »  9228
U6 HC32 GoldStar GD74HC32 74-32 Series DIP-14 9231  »  9231