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  USA Cabal Milton Bradley NES-C7-USA NES-AMROM-01 bootgod 2006-01-28 2
  Japan Cadillac キャデラック Hect HCT-C5/007 CN-04B bootgod 2013-11-27 1
  USA Caesars Palace Virgin Games NES-C9-USA NES-UNROM-10 bootgod 2006-02-08 2
  USA California Games Milton Bradley NES-CG-USA NES-UN-ROM-07 bootgod 2005-12-31 2
  Spain California Games Milton Bradley NES-CG-ESP NES-UNROM-09 piteta 2012-04-07 2
  Germany California Games Milton Bradley NES-CG-NOE NES-UNROM-09 Kinopio 2007-11-02 2
  USA California Raisins, The: The Grape Escape (Prototype) Capcom UNR-X7-USA NES-UN-ROM-04 TheRedEye 2012-04-15 1
  Japan Capcom Barcelona '92 CAPCOMバルセロナ’92 Capcom CAP-1N HVC-TKROM-03 bootgod 2010-07-23 1
  USA Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92 Capcom NES-GM-USA NES-TKROM-10 bootgod 2006-10-11 1
  Scandinavia Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92 Capcom NES-GM-SCN NES-TKROM-10 Kinopio 2007-07-29 2
  USA Captain America and the Avengers Data East NES-6E-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-02-08 1
  USA Captain Comic: The Adventure Color Dreams CDR-CC-81001 UNK-COLORDREAMS-REVC bootgod 2006-04-11 2
  Japan Captain Ed キャプテン EDえど CBS / Sony Group CBS-ED HVC-SGROM-03 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  United Kingdom Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape NES-5C-UKV NES-TLROM-03 Mark_K 2011-12-06 3
  USA Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape NES-5C-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-03-10 1
  Scandinavia Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape NES-5C-SCN NES-TLROM-03 Kinopio 2008-03-10 4
  Spain Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Prototype) Mindscape NES-5C-ESP NES-TKEPROM-02 piteta 2016-02-20 1
  Germany Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape NES-5C-NOE NES-TLROM-03 Kinopio 2011-06-23 3
  Japan Captain Silver キャプテンシルバー Tokuma Shoten GTS-CK HVC-SLROM-03 aodinets 2012-03-06 2
  Spain Captain SkyHawk Nintendo NES-YW-ESP NES-AMROM-01 piteta 2007-08-04 2
  USA Captain SkyHawk Milton Bradley NES-YW-USA NES-AMROM-01 bootgod 2005-12-18 2
  France Captain SkyHawk Nintendo NES-YW-FRA NES-AMROM-01 Kinopio 2007-08-12 2
  Japan Captain Tsubasa キャプテン翼 Tecmo TCF-TP HVC-SLROM-02 bootgod 2007-04-29 6
  Japan Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker キャプテン翼Ⅱ スーパーストライカー Tecmo TCF-T6 HVC-TLROM-04 bootgod 2007-11-16 4
  Japan Casino Derby カジノ・ダービー Party Room 21 YZW-KD HVC-SGROM-03 bootgod 2011-01-23 1
  USA Casino Kid Sofel NES-KP-USA NES-UNROM-08 bootgod 2005-12-17 3
  USA Casino Kid II Sofel NES-CK-USA NES-UNROM-10 bootgod 2006-12-11 1
  USA Castelian Triffix NES-4C-USA NES-UNROM-09 bootgod 2006-03-19 1
  United Kingdom Castelian (Prototype) Storm NES-4C-UKV NES-UNEPROM-01 TheRedEye 2012-04-24 2
  Spain Castelian Storm NES-4C-ESP NES-UNROM-09 piteta 2007-08-04 2
  Japan Castle Excellent キャッスルエクセレント ASCII HSP-05 HVC-CNROM-256K-01 bootgod 2009-07-22 1
  USA Castle of Deceit Bunch Games BNH-C-04 UNK-COLORDREAMS-REVC bootgod 2007-01-18 1
  USA Castle of Dragon Seta NES-C4-USA NES-UNROM-09 bootgod 2006-07-03 1
  Japan Castle Quest キャッスルクエスト Hudson Soft HFC-V4 HVC-TLROM-03 bootgod 2007-11-12 1
  USA Castlequest Nexoft NES-05-USA NES-CNROM-06 bootgod 2006-01-29 1
  Europe Castlevania Konami NES-CV-EEC NES-UN-ROM-07 Bregalad 2007-04-04 7
  Germany Castlevania Konami NES-CV-NOE NES-UNROM-10 Kinopio 2007-12-31 7
  USA Castlevania Konami NES-CV-USA NES-UN-ROM-04 bootgod 2005-10-02 3
  Europe Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Konami NES-QU-EEC NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2007-08-04 7
  Germany Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Konami NES-QU-FRG NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2013-03-09 7
  USA Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Konami NES-QU-USA NES-SLROM-03 bootgod 2005-10-02 5
  Germany Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Palcom NES-VN-FRG NES-ELROM-01 Bregalad 2007-04-04 3
  USA Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Konami NES-VN-USA NES-ELROM-01 bootgod 2005-09-18 4
  Scandinavia Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse  Palcom NES-VN-SCN NES-ELROM-01 Kinopio 2007-05-09
  USA Caveman Games Data East NES-UQ-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2006-02-08 1
  Japan Chack 'n Pop ちゃっくんぽっぷ Taito TFC-CP-4500-02 PLT192AS1Y bootgod 2009-03-16 1
  USA Challenge of the Dragon Color Dreams CDR-CN-81014 UNK-COLORDREAMS-REVB bootgod 2006-12-06 1
  Japan Challenger チャレンジャー Hudson Soft HFC-CH HVC-NROM-256K-02 bootgod 2007-06-23 5
  Japan Championship Bowling チャンピオンシップボウリング Athena ATH-8B CN-04B bootgod 2009-11-01 1
  USA Championship Bowling Romstar NES-1F-USA NES-CNROM-06 bootgod 2006-03-26 1