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  USA Championship Pool Mindscape NES-P3-USA NES-UNROM-10 bootgod 2006-02-19 1
  Spain Championship Rally HAL Laboratory NES-29-ESP NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2007-08-04 1
  Scandinavia Chessmaster, The Nintendo NES-EM-SCN NES-SJROM-03 Kinopio 2008-02-11 6
  Germany Chessmaster, The Nintendo NES-EM-FRG NES-SJROM-03 Kinopio 2007-11-01 6
  USA Chessmaster, The Hi Tech Expressions NES-EM-USA NES-SJROM-03 bootgod 2006-01-26 2
  Europe Chessmaster, The Nintendo NES-EM-GPS NES-SJROM-03 efnes 2006-07-24 6
  Spain Chessmaster, The Nintendo NES-EM-ESP NES-SJROM-03 piteta 2007-08-04 6
  Japan Chester Field: Ankoku Shin e no Chousen チェスター・フィールド 箱・説明書無し Vic Tokai VIC-CF HVC-UNROM-03 bootgod 2009-09-13 1
  France Chevaliers Du Zodiaque, Les: La Legende D'or The Knights of the Zodiac: The Golden Legend Bandai NES-OK-FRA NES-SLROM-06 Kinopio 2008-01-22 1
  Japan Chibi Maruko-chan: Uki Uki Shopping ちびまる子ちゃん うきうきショッピング Namco NAM-FCM-5800 60-19 bootgod 2007-11-30 1
  USA Chiller (CHR-CB55) AGCI AGCI-CH UNK-COLORDREAMS-REVA bootgod 2006-11-05 1
  Germany Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Disney's Capcom NES-DV-NOE NES-SLROM-06 Kinopio 2011-06-20 3
  Scandinavia Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Disney's Capcom NES-DV-SCN NES-SLROM-06 Kinopio 2011-05-06 3
  USA Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Disney's Capcom NES-DV-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2005-10-01 1
  Scandinavia Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney's Capcom NES-RU-SCN NES-SLROM-06 Kinopio 2008-01-27 6
  USA Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney's Capcom NES-RU-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2005-08-25 5
  Germany Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney's Capcom NES-RU-NOE NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2007-08-03 6
  Spain Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney's Capcom NES-RU-ESP NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2007-08-04 6
  Japan Chiyonofuji no Ooichou 千代の富士の大銀杏 Face FAC-EJ HVC-TLROM-04 bootgod 2011-01-23 1
  Japan Choplifter チョップリフター Jaleco JF-08 JF-08 bootgod 2007-06-28 2
  Japan Chou Jinrou Senki: Warwolf 超人狼戦記ウォーウルフ Takara TFC-W8 HVC-TLROM-04 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  Japan Chou Wakusei Senki: Metafight 超惑星戦記 メタファイト Sunsoft TEC-MF HVC-SLROM-02 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  Japan Choujikuu Yousai Macross 超時空要塞マクロス Namco NAM-NMR-4500 3302 bootgod 2007-11-30 3
  Japan Choujin: Ultra Baseball 超人ウルトラベースボール Culture Brain CBF-UB HVC-SKROM-05 bootgod 2007-04-29 2
  USA Chubby Cherub Bandai NES-CB-USA NES-NROM-256-01 bootgod 2006-10-09 1
  Japan Chuka Taisen 中華大仙 Taito DTF-CW (27) HVC-SLROM-03 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  Japan Chuugoku Janshi Story: Tonpuu 中国雀士ストーリー 東風 Natsume NAT-T8 HVC-SLROM-03 bootgod 2009-06-27 1
  Japan Chuugoku Senseijutsu 中国 Jaleco SAN-CQ HVC-UNROM-09 bootgod 2011-09-09 1
  USA Circus Caper Toho NES-M7-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2006-01-27 1
  Japan Circus Charlie サーカスチャーリー Soft Pro SFC-CC 3A bootgod 2007-11-12 2
  Japan City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle タッチ ミステリー・オブトライアングル Toho THF-TU HVC-UNROM-02 bootgod 2007-11-17 2
  Japan City Connection シティコネクション Jaleco JF-05 JF-05 bootgod 2009-01-13 2
  Spain City Connection Jaleco NES-CI-ESP NES-CNROM-07 piteta 2011-09-03 1
  USA City Connection Jaleco NES-CI-USA NES-CN-ROM-256-05 bootgod 2006-03-24 2
  USA Clash At Demonhead Vic Tokai NES-B6-USA NES-SLROM-05 bootgod 2005-12-18 2
  USA Classic Concentration GameTek NES-C8-USA NES-UNROM-09 bootgod 2006-05-28 1
  USA Cliffhanger Sony (CSG) Imagesoft NES-HG-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2007-01-16 1
  Europe Clu Clu Land Nintendo NES-CL-EEC NES-NROM-128-04 Kinopio 2007-08-06 7
  Japan Clu Clu Land クルクルランド Nintendo HVC-CL HVC-NROM-02 bootgod 2007-04-29 7
  USA Clu Clu Land Nintendo NES-CL-USA NES-RROM-128-01 bootgod 2006-01-26 7
  France Clu Clu Land Nintendo NES-CL-FRA NES-NROM-128-03 efnes 2006-07-24 7
  USA Cobra Command Data East NES-CN-USA NES-SLROM-03 bootgod 2006-03-23 2
  Japan Cobra Command コブラコマンド Data East DFC-CN HVC-SLROM-02 bootgod 2007-11-16 1
  Spain Cobra Triangle Nintendo NES-CU-ESP NES-ANROM-03 piteta 2008-03-05 3
  USA Cobra Triangle Nintendo NES-CU-USA NES-ANROM-02 polarz 2006-05-16 2
  Europe Cobra Triangle Nintendo NES-CU-EEC NES-ANROM-02 Kinopio 2008-02-06 3
  USA Code Name: Viper Capcom NES-VP-USA NES-TLROM-02 bootgod 2006-01-29 1
  USA Color A Dinosaur Virgin Games NES-CD-USA NES-UNROM-10 bootgod 2006-07-03 1
  USA Commando Capcom NES-CO-USA NES-UN-ROM-04 bootgod 2006-02-08 3
  USA Conan Mindscape NES-YY-USA NES-UNROM-09 bootgod 2006-10-10 1