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  USA Wacky Races Atlus NES-WE-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-12-06 1
  Japan Wagyan Land ワギャンランド Namco NAM-WL-4900 LROG048-00 bootgod 2007-07-06 1
  Japan Wagyan Land 2 ワギャンランド2 Namco NAM-WL2-5800 60-22 bootgod 2007-11-30 4
  Japan Wagyan Land 3 ワギャンランド3 Namco NAM-FW3-5800 ICM60-26-K bootgod 2007-07-08 4
  Japan Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Paseri Jou ワイワイワールド2 SOS!!パセリ城 Konami KON-RC850 352398 bootgod 2007-11-28 1
  USA Wall Street Kid Sofel NES-ZM-USA NES-UNROM-09 bootgod 2006-03-23 1
  USA Wally Bear and the No! Gang AVE AVE-WB NINA-07 bootgod 2006-07-04 2
  Japan Wanpaku Duck Yume Bouken わんぱくダック夢冒険 Capcom CAP-UK HVC-UNROM-09 bootgod 2009-07-22 1
  Japan Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World わんぱくコックンのグルメワールド Taito DTF-WK (43) HVC-TLROM-04 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  Brazil War In The Gulf CCE C7-1135 TH2394-2 bootgod 2010-11-04 2
  Japan Wario no Mori ワリオの森 Nintendo HVC-UW HVC-TKROM-03 bootgod 2009-12-07 1
  Germany Wario's Woods Nintendo NES-WB-NOE NES-TKROM-10 Kinopio 2007-11-02 1
  USA Wario's Woods Nintendo NES-WB-USA NES-TKROM-10 bootgod 2006-07-04 3
  Japan Warpman ワープマン Namco NAM-NWM-4500-08 3301 bootgod 2007-07-07 1
  USA Wayne Gretzky Hockey THQ NES-ZY-USA NES-UNROM-09 bootgod 2006-04-12 3
  USA Wayne's World THQ NES-Y8-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-07-04 1
  USA WCW World Championship Wrestling FCI NES-S9-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-01-28 2
  USA Werewolf: The Last Warrior Data East NES-W8-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-01-28 2
  Scandinavia Werewolf: The Last Warrior Data East NES-W8-SCN NES-TLROM-03 Kinopio 2007-07-29 3
  USA Wheel of Fortune GameTek NES-WF-USA NES-AOROM-01 bootgod 2006-01-22 2
  USA Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White GameTek NES-Y6-USA NES-AOROM-03 bootgod 2005-09-30 1
  USA Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition GameTek NES-W3-USA NES-ANROM-03 bootgod 2005-10-15 2
  USA Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition GameTek NES-WJ-USA NES-ANROM-02 bootgod 2006-04-11 1
  USA Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Konami NES-9K-USA NES-TSROM-08 bootgod 2005-10-02 2
  USA Where's Waldo? THQ NES-6W-USA NES-TSROM-08 bootgod 2006-07-04 3
  Japan White Lion Densetsu: Pyramid no Kanata ni ホワイトライオン伝説 ピラミッドの彼方に Kemco KSC-WE HVC-SKROM-03 bootgod 2012-05-07 1
  USA Who Framed Roger Rabbit LJN NES-WL-USA NES-ANROM-03 bootgod 2006-01-01 2
  USA Whomp 'Em Jaleco NES-4W-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-07-04 2
  USA Widget Atlus NES-W7-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-03-26 1
  Europe Wild Gunman (Revision A) Nintendo NES-WG-EEC NES-NROM-128-03 Kinopio 2007-12-17 7
  Spain Wild Gunman (Revision A) Nintendo NES-WG-ESP NES-NROM-128-03 piteta 2008-02-28 7
  USA Wild Gunman Nintendo NES-WG-USA NES-NROM-128-01 bootgod 2006-01-01 1
  Japan Wild Gunman (Revision A) ワイルドガンマン Nintendo HVC-WG 2I bootgod 2009-03-18 7
  Spain Willow Capcom NES-WI-ESP NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2008-03-21 5
  USA Willow Capcom NES-WI-USA NES-SLROM-05 polarz 2006-08-16 2
  Scandinavia Willow Capcom NES-WI-SCN NES-SLROM-06 Kinopio 2007-07-30 5
  Germany Willow Capcom NES-WI-FRG NES-SLROM-06 Bregalad 2007-08-02 5
  Japan Willow ウィロー Capcom CAP-WI HVC-SLROM-03 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  Japan Wily & Light no Rockboard: That's Paradise ワイリー&ライトのロックボード ザッツパラダイス Capcom CAP-BE HVC-TGROM-01 bootgod 2011-09-09 1
  USA Win, Lose or Draw Hi Tech Expressions NES-IL-USA NES-SGROM-04 bootgod 2006-04-12 1
  Japan Wing of Madoola, The マドゥーラの翼 Sunsoft SUN-MAD-4900 SUNSOFT-K bootgod 2008-04-17 1
  USA Winter Games (Revision A) Acclaim NES-WM-USA NES-UN-ROM-07 bootgod 2006-07-04 1
  Japan Wit's Athena ATH-XW HVC-UNROM-09 bootgod 2012-05-07 1
  Japan Wizardry II: Llylgamyn no Isan ウィザードリィII リルガミンの遺産 ASCII HSP-13 HVC-TKROM-01 bootgod 2007-11-13 3
  Japan Wizardry III: Diamond no Kishi ウィザードリィⅢ・ダイヤモンドの騎士 ASCII HSP-32 HVC-TKROM-02 bootgod 2007-06-23 4
  USA Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds ASCII NES-32-USA NES-TKROM-10 bootgod 2006-11-05 1
  Japan Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord ウィザードリィ ASCII HSP-09 HVC-SKROM-02 bootgod 2007-04-29 3
  USA Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Nexoft NES-09-USA NES-SKROM-04 bootgod 2006-10-11 1
  Europe Wizards & Warriors Acclaim NES-WW-EEC NES-ANROM-02 Kinopio 2007-07-07 6
  USA Wizards & Warriors Acclaim NES-WW-USA NES-ANROM-01 bootgod 2005-09-30 3