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Database Client Software 2.0 Manual
» Requirements and Guidelines

Things you will need to get started

Get familiar with the software using licensed carts

While I've tried to make the software as easy to use and understand as possible, there is a learning curve invloved. Do not jump in head first with some obscure pirate cart. The reasoning behind this is that the system will be able to offer you more help for carts it already has some info on. Having to define a new PCB or new chip on your first run may leave you confused and scratching your head.

Dumping carts that are already in the DB still provides useful information and is not just a waste of time!

General Process Guidelines

You can go thru the process however works best for you, but just for reference, here are the steps I take.

If you're doing a lot of carts, work on them in batches. Perform each step on the entire batch of carts before moving on to the next step.