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  USA Battle Tank, Garry Kitchen's Absolute NES-9B-USA NES-CNROM-07 bootgod 2006-02-20 3
  USA Boy and His Blob, A: Trouble on Blobolonia, David Crane's Absolute NES-B5-USA NES-SLROM-05 bootgod 2005-12-18 2
  USA Race America, Alex DeMeo's Absolute NES-RB-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2006-10-13 1
  USA Space Shuttle Project Absolute NES-6A-USA NES-SGROM-04 bootgod 2006-02-19 3
  USA Star Trek: The Next Generation Absolute NES-NX-USA NES-UNROM-10 bootgod 2006-02-20 1