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  USA Battle of Olympus, The Br?derbund NES-AD-USA NES-SGROM-03 bootgod 2006-04-13 1
  USA Deadly Towers Br?derbund NES-DE-USA NES-BN-ROM-01 bootgod 2005-10-02 4
  USA Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball Br?derbund NES-B7-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2006-12-25 2
  USA Guardian Legend, The Br?derbund NES-GD-USA NES-UNROM-08 bootgod 2006-07-03 1
  USA Legacy of the Wizard Br?derbund NES-LC-USA NES-TFROM-02 bootgod 2005-10-03 4
  USA Lode Runner Br?derbund NES-LO-USA NES-NROM-128-03 bootgod 2006-01-01 3
  USA Raid on Bungeling Bay Br?derbund NES-BU-USA NES-NROM-128-03 bootgod 2005-11-30 3
  USA Spelunker Br?derbund NES-SU-USA NES-NROM-256-03 bootgod 2006-04-19 3
  USA U-Force Power Games (Prototype) Br?derbund UNR-UX-USA NES-GN-ROM-03 Skrybe 2012-04-23 1