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  Germany Batman Sunsoft NES-B4-FRG NES-TLROM-03 Bregalad 2007-04-05 5
  USA Batman Sunsoft NES-B4-USA NES-B4 bootgod 2005-12-09 4
  Japan Batman バットマン Sunsoft SUN-BAT-6200 BAT-E301 bootgod 2009-02-17 2
  USA Batman Returns Konami NES-BX-USA NES-TLROM-03 bootgod 2006-02-28 1
  France Batman Returns Konami NES-BX-FRA NES-TLROM-03 Kinopio 2007-08-12 1
  Spain Batman: Return of the Joker Sunsoft NES-48-ESP NES-JSROM-01 piteta 2007-08-03 4
  Scandinavia Batman: Return of the Joker Sunsoft NES-48-SCN NES-JSROM-01 Kinopio 2007-06-11 4
  USA Batman: Return of the Joker Sunsoft NES-48-USA NES-BTR bootgod 2006-03-19 1
  Germany Batman: Return of the Joker Sunsoft NES-48-NOE NES-JSROM-01 Kinopio 2007-08-18 4
  Japan Batsu & Terii: Makyou no Tetsujin Race バツ&テリー 魔境の鉄人レース Use USE-BC HVC-UNROM-03 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  USA Battle Chess Data East NES-C6-USA NES-SGROM-04 bootgod 2006-01-27 2
  Japan Battle City バトルシティー Namco NAM-NBC-4500-09 3301 bootgod 2009-07-23 1
  Japan Battle Fleet バトルフリート Namco NAM-FBF-5900 LROG053-00 bootgod 2009-03-17 1
  Japan Battle Formula バトルフォーミュラ Sunsoft TEC-5U HVC-TLROM-04 bootgod 2009-12-07 1
  USA Battle of Olympus, The Br?derbund NES-AD-USA NES-SGROM-03 bootgod 2006-04-13 1
  Spain Battle of Olympus, The Nintendo NES-AD-ESP NES-SGROM-04 piteta 2007-08-03 4
  Scandinavia Battle of Olympus, The Nintendo NES-AD-SCN NES-SGROM-04 Kinopio 2008-02-25 4
  Japan Battle Stadium: Senbatsu Pro Yakyuu バトルスタジア IGS IGS-X8 HVC-SKROM-05 bootgod 2009-12-06 1
  Japan Battle Storm バトルストー Party Room 21 YZW-9Y HVC-SKROM-06 bootgod 2011-01-23 1
  USA Battle Tank, Garry Kitchen's Absolute NES-9B-USA NES-CNROM-07 bootgod 2006-02-20 3
  Germany Battleship Mindscape NES-BH-NOE NES-CNROM-08 piteta 2007-08-04 1
  USA Battleship Mindscape NES-BH-USA NES-CNROM-08 bootgod 2006-10-09 1
  Spain Battletoads Tradewest NES-8T-ESP NES-AOROM-03 piteta 2007-08-04 4
  USA Battletoads Tradewest NES-8T-USA NES-AOROM-03 bootgod 2005-09-22 2
  Scandinavia Battletoads Tradewest NES-8T-SCN NES-AOROM-03 Kinopio 2007-06-02 4
  Europe Battletoads Tradewest NES-8T-FRG NES-AOROM-03 Bregalad 2011-11-30 4
  Japan Battletoads バトルトード Masaya NCS-8T HVC-AOROM-01 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  USA Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team Tradewest NES-U8-USA NES-AOROM-03 polarz 2006-11-07 2
  United Kingdom Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team Nintendo NES-U8-UKV NES-AOROM-03 Mark_K 2011-12-06 1
  Japan Be-Bop High School: Koukousei Gokuraku Densetsu ビー・バップ・ハイスクール 高 Data East DFC-EP HVC-SKROM-01 bootgod 2007-11-13 3
  USA Bee 52 Camerica CAM-BE BIC-64 bootgod 2006-01-22 1
  USA Beetlejuice LJN NES-4B-USA NES-AMROM-01 bootgod 2006-09-17 1
  Japan Best Keiba: Derby Stallion (Revision A) ベスト競馬ダービースタリオン ASCII HSP-46 HVC-SKROM-06 bootgod 2007-06-24 4
  USA Best of the Best: Championship Karate Electro Brain NES-BB-USA NES-UOROM-02 bootgod 2006-02-20 1
  Spain Best of the Best: Championship Karate Loriciel NES-BB-ESP NES-UOROM-02 piteta 2007-08-04 1
  Japan Best Play Pro Yakyuu (Revision A) ベストプレープロ野球 ASCII HSP-11 HVC-SJROM-03 bootgod 2006-12-25 1
  Japan Best Play Pro Yakyuu '90, The ベストプレープロ野球'90 ASCII HSP-36 HVC-SNROM-09 bootgod 2009-12-07 1
  Japan Best Play Pro Yakyuu II, The ベストプレープロ野球II ASCII HSP-33 HVC-SNROM-09 bootgod 2009-07-23 1
  Japan Best Play Pro Yakyuu Special, The (Revision A) ベストプレープロ野球スペシャル ASCII HSP-BS HVC-SXROM-01 bootgod 2009-07-02 1
  USA Bible Adventures (Version 1.4) Wisdom Tree WT-BC-6 BC6 bootgod 2006-07-04 1
  USA Bible Buffet (Version 6.0) Wisdom Tree WT-BB-6 BC6 bootgod 2006-07-04 2
  USA Big Nose Freaks Out Camerica ALG-BFO ALGNV1-1 bootgod 2006-02-26 2
  USA Big Nose Freaks Out Camerica CAM-BFO BIC-48 bootgod 2006-12-11 2
  USA Big Nose the Caveman Camerica CAM-BN BIC-41 bootgod 2006-01-22 1
  Spain Bigfoot Acclaim NES-A8-ESP NES-SLROM-06 piteta 2007-08-23 5
  Europe Bigfoot Acclaim NES-A8-EEC NES-SLROM-06 efnes 2007-02-04 5
  USA Bigfoot Acclaim NES-A8-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2005-10-27 3
  Japan Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! Harukanaru Kin Medal びっくり熱血新記録!はるかなる金メダル Technos TJC-NK HVC-TLROM-04 bootgod 2009-11-02 1
  Japan Bikkuriman World: Gekitou Sei Senshi ビックリマンワールド 激闘聖戦士 Hudson Soft HFC-V3 HVC-SNROM-09 bootgod 2007-04-29 1
  USA Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure LJN NES-42-USA NES-SLROM-06 bootgod 2006-04-12 1